Friday, March 28, 2014

ditching THE DREGS

Children, the male war gods have got to go.  Time to pitch them on the garbage pile on top of your old, cold coffee grounds. 

We’ve allowed the war gods (Jehovah, Allah, Yahweh, Mars, Zeus, Ares, Indra, etc.) a few cold millennia to prove themselves, and they have proven that war gods produce war. (Name one decade clean of wars, and I’ll give you my sister’s first-born [I have no first-born, but Jo might be willing to part with hers]). 

Here’s the thing, though:  no society ever known has been religion-less.   The need for religion seems built into the human heart and soul.    

Anyone who can spout off answers to these questions has religion: 
“Where did we come from before we were born?”
“Where do we go after we die?”
“Why are we here?” 
Here’s how atheists (with their Religion of Science) answer:
Where did we come from?  “32c worth of chemicals.”
Where do we go after we die?  “Back to 32c worth of chemicals.”
Why are we here?  “One reason only: to study everything, dissect it, know it from the inside out.” 
So we need to replace war gods with something.  And it should be as obvious as warblers warbling in spring that it needs to be peace deities. 

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