Saturday, December 15, 2012

SANDY hook 2

America’s Guide Book for Living: What It Says about Children: 

The god Nick worships said, “Take your son Alex, the son you love dearly, knife him to death, and then roast his body over a fire.” Genesis 22:2
So Nick took a kitchen knife, and got ready to slit his son’s throat.  Genesis 22:10
The god Brittany worshiped thought she was bad, so he killed her.   Genesis 38:7

The god Andy worshipped told him that if he didn’t do what he said, he would kill Andy’s son Logan.  Exodus 4:23
The god Amanda worshipped got mad, and so he went through the city she lived in and killed the oldest child in each household, including her three-year-old, Madison.  Exodus 12:12
The god Claire worships waited until midnight last year, then killed the oldest child in each household in her country.  Exodus 12:29

And this is just the first two books out of 66!  There’s lots more where this came from!!!

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