Friday, December 14, 2012

SANDY hook

men’-tal ill’-ness.  noun.  Professing shock and outrage when your society -- which harbors a rule book for living* that chugs on and on about almost nothing but slaughter and violence – violently slaughters 20 innocent children. 

men'-tal health.  noun.  Switching from one's primitive, violent desert gods to a loving Great Mother Goddess.  
*This rule book is known as the "BibleKoranTorah" (although some see these as three separate books, they’re really only one book – about a primitive desert dude named Abraham). For a handy-dandy “short list” of cruelty in the BibleKoranTorah, go HERE.  


MasterAmazon said...

Yep, I agree...time to ditch the father gods which let this blasphemy against the children go on, and worship their guns to the point of the downfall of a civilization and keep rationalizing the acquiring of guns, "happiness is a warm gun" sickness....

And it all started with killing his gun toting mother and stealing her guns. What was she so afraid of that she needed guns? Was it him, was it her ex? More shall be revealed. And gag dudes like the H guy who ran for President and stated it happened cuz they got rid of prayer in schools.

And fund truly useful mental illness programs, and get help to people in need...including all the vets with PTSD coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Militarily trained, and another time bomb just waiting to go off. We may see a whole lot more of this once they all return, especially if they don't get help from the VA for PTSD and other brain and physical and mental injuries from war.

END WAR and WARMONGERING and video games that teach kids to solve problems at the end of a gun. Video games so realistic that they punished the military 6 who revealed some of how they killed Bin Laden to the video game companies. These games are just teaching the next generation of soldiers and teaching that life is cheap and there are no consequences to killing because you can just reset it all.

With Catal Huyuk, an ancient Goddess culture, there were 1000 years of peace!

Athana said...

Thank you for your comments, MasterAmazon; well put, and right on!

We all need to keep plugging away at the message: all-male religions are going to be the death of us. Religion shapes who we are as a society, and religions centered around violent warrior gods are going to produce violent war societies.

Period, end of sentence.

Athana said...
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