Monday, October 29, 2012

Mother's Getting GRUMPY (Frankenstorm)

Sitting here on the East Coast waiting to be blown to bits by Frankenstorm as they’re now calling it, I’m thinking the Great Mother is certainly getting grumpy these days. 

Under a full moon, three different storm systems are rolling in from three different directions to form one gigundo wake-up call.  

I’d run home to my family 900 miles west, but this Monster is threatening to swallow them too. 

Nope, once She has something to say, there’s no hiding from Mother. 

Some are saying Frankenstorm is Mother Earth’s revenge for Obama/Romney’s snubbing Her during the Presidential campaign. Neither candidate has mentioned global warming once. 

But Mother’s only trying to get our attention.  She’s worried about us. It’s not Her being hurt by the filth pumping daily into our air, water and soil, it’s us. Maybe in fact she’s having a humongous crying fit.  Maybe She’s weeping as She watches our species disappear from Her heart, blood and body. 

I suspect the Goddess wants us to wrestle the Earth out of the hands of the fossil-fuel barons now wrecking it.  We can start by making them pay to spew their garbage into our air.  I don’t know about you, but I have to pay to have my garbage carted away, so why should the Koch Brothers get to pump billions of cubic tons of their garbage into your air for free? 

Although President Obama tried to make the Koch’s pay to put their garbage out, the wily Kochs used their billions to sneak Tea-Party nuts into Congress, and the nuts lead a charge against Obama. 

So to start, let’s vote all those Tea nuts out of Congress, and Obama back into the White House. 

Dear American readers, the very least you can do is vote. Hopefully Frankenstorm will dry up in time for you to do just that.  

With love, 

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