Wednesday, October 24, 2012

jumping jehovah, the RAPING god

 The god of Abraham, bless his heart, was born with a sense of humor -- a psychopathic sense of humor, yes, but nevertheless a sense of humor. 

Dear readers, let’s sit back, relax, and ponder this a moment.  The deities we choose is up to us.  So what is your heart’s desire? 

1.     A psychologically challenged god who roams the planet, sniffing out and raping hundreds of thousands of his children? Or …

2.     A Mother Goddess who protects Her children from psychologically challenged rapist gods? 

Never forget: the choice is totally up to us. 

* For those of you not following U.S. politics, the Republican Party is sweating bullets to find a way to deny raped women the right to abort.   For example, recently Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin said women don’t get pregnant from “legitimate rape.”  The American Republican Party, in other words, has boarded the train to woo-woo land. 
Richard Mourdock looking manly with axe

Richard Mourdock looking manly with Tea Party admirer

Richard Mourdock sizing up a woman, for ...?  

Richard Mourdock once again, so you will recognize him if you ever need to.  

Mitt Romney endorsing Richard Mourdock

???  This pic appeared among others when I "Binged" "Richard Murdock pictures."  Could it be little Richie himself, looking manly even while still wet behind the ears?

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