Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cousin Harold & TAXES

Today, my right-wing Cousin Harold got the following from me:

Dearest Cuz,

Since you detest taxes, why are you still using things taxes buy?

When your house catches fire, put it out yourself!

If someone burglarizes you, jail the burglar (I KNOW building your own jail is expensive, but … so are taxes).

You can’t drive on roads -- they’re paid for with taxes -- so you’ll have to knock on doors getting permission to prance across lawns to get where you need to go.

Also, you won’t be using bridges any more – get a good boat.

Hopefully you have money for private schools for the grandkids?

Sick? My, isn’t it dreadful you can’t drive on roads to a hospital!

And BY ALL MEANS don't forget: when America’s attacked, the military can’t protect *you* – the military’s built with taxes.

Your dearest Cuz who delights in keeping you honest,

thnx to jared wilson for the foto; go HERE to see more of his work.


Joanne Elliott said...

Yes! That's what I want to say to all those who don't want to pay any taxes. What they don't understand is that we are already using some aspects of...dare I say it...Socialism to run this country. They just don't seem to understand that if they want to live like they do it takes lots more money than we, as individuals, can raise alone. Thank you for putting it so succinctly.

AnnaPerenna said...

Haha! Oh you are just precious, dearest Auntie Athana! Mwaaahhh on your divine brain for coming up with this. It's such a poignant and vibrant point - the rightwingers sure hate taxes but have no scruples in using all the benefits that we all pay for (same as with women who yell they hate feminists).
I will now use this as a win-all retort when anybody near me even thinks of whining about taxes and socialism. Oh, how I shall delight in pointing out the whiner's hypocrisy. Without socialism and cooperation we would all be dead since the stone ages (we cannot survive without eachother's help).

P.S. of course probably nobody will attack USA (even China benefits more from uh, "trading" with the States than a war) but that military bell surely must ring high in the hearts of the gun-crazy republicans, yes?

Athana said...

Dear Joanne and AnnaPerenna, you are both so right on! Let me know how your whiners respond, AnnaPerenna. I suspect they'll come up with something creative.