Saturday, May 16, 2009


After we humans lost the Goddess as the center of life, liberty and sunny joy,* we morphed into a totally wacked out, wiggy species:

Today most of the world’s business is conducted by wolf- and dog-like dominance hierarchies peopled by packs of young men headed up by top-dog alpha-males.

"Like a bunch of starving psychotics in a small sandbox, the world’s major nations today spend most of their energy violently snatching food and other resources out of the hands of 'weaker' nations. From our constant wars and interpersonal violence (if you [feel you] never have enough you 'need' to take from others) and our rape of women, their children and the environment (deep down we feel Mother Earth abandoned us) to our obesity, overpopulation and propensity to hoard, starvation culture supplies explanations for almost everything about ourselves we deeply despise. As a matter of fact, when you finally realize it, it’s hard to see why we didn’t see it before. Almost everything we loathe about ourselves looks suspiciously like the behavior of wild dog packs, wolf packs, or the unhinged humans we keep locked up in mental and penal institutions."

~From Switching to Goddess: Humanity's Ticket to the Future, 2009, Jeri Studebaker, Winchester, UK: O Books, p. 206
How did we lose Goddess? It has to do with long-ago climate change, and something called "starvation culture."

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* This happened first around 4000 BC in the Middle East but may still be going on in places recently discovered and still centered on Goddess.
thnx to mediageek for the foto of "cyrus whackin weeds."

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