Sunday, May 31, 2009


Sweet Babies, this is your Auntie Athana speaking.

I've come to bark at you again about how we've gotta boot YAJ off the planet before he boots us all off, along with all other life on earth (well, YAJ would have a hard time booting cockroaches, lice and sharks off our Mother. These dudes have been around so long they have tricks up their sleeves to smear and spank just about anything that might do them damage. Besides -- since he's a lice-and-cockroach infested shark himself, YAJ feels right at home with these critters).

As most of you know by now, YAJ is Yahweh/Allah/Jehovah, the god of Abraham.

Most think YAJ is three separate gods, but naaaaah. He's just one old slimy, primitive, desert war god drunk with the desire to do us all in. On a regular basis, this sick slickie takes normal, sane human beings and turns them into deadly dirt.

Take today's christian killer of Doctor George Tiller in a YAJ house of worship, for example. This dude was born an innocent, sweet-as-pie little human, blessed by the Goddess. But the lord god Jehovah got his cockroach hooks into him, and look at him now. A piece of human waste.

But what else can you expect when a human gets sucked in by a primitive tribal war god who thinks he can give birth? Excuse for a minute (HAHAHAHAH, HA, HA HA HA HARDY HAR HAR!!! [hachoo].) Ahem. Okay. Better now.

Anyhoo, it's time to make YAJ disapper so he can't infest any other beautiful, gorgeous human being with soul lice. You can see what YAJ-infected people do if they don't get their way. They kill. They murder. They gun people down even in places supposedly sacred to YAJ. Of course this isn't hard for them, because almost nothing's actually sacred to YAJ. That's all a scam. The only things sacred to YAJ are war, killing, and getting his own way. Go do a serious scan of his book the Bible if you don't believe me.

But it's not people who're at fault. People just get suckered in by YAJ. YAJ makes them miserable, and then they think the only way to get unmiserable is to suck up to YAJ. What we need to do is boot YAJ off the planet. For good. Period. End of sentence.

And then we can all return to female and mother deities as our major guiding lights.

Unless of course we all want to live in a world run by killers, murderers, war-starters and control freaks. (I won't even go into the history of mass murdering done by YAJ and his sucky sucked-in followers. I haven't had dinner yet, and I'd like to eat before next week is over.)
Thnx to Leopard Girl for the foto "Lunch - La Cucaracha." Go HERE to see more of her work.


AnnaPerenna said...

Hey, that's insulting to sharks, lice and roaches :)

Besides that I love your definitions, Athana. And your clear goals, it gives me hope for this murky, burning world.

But I am afraid, I don't know how I can convince creepy, greedy murderers with guns and bombs and land mines to peace out and chill out with the goddess :(
Even the less violent dudes are totally into war, because it's fucking _profitable_..

Athana said...

The trick is to keep on keeping on, AnnaPerenna. Keep on talking. Believe it can happen. Never stop believing it can happen. Maybe you can't convince the creeps, but maybe you can convince someone who can. Chaos theory teaches us that social change -- big change -- can happen in the flicker of an eyelash. But I think it's like an iceberg building undersea and then finally the tip breaks through the water into daylight. We can't see the iceberg until then, but it's resting on a giant underwater foundation.

The Goddess will win out in the long run because She's just so totally *right* for the human species, and for the world. And She's right in such a logical way. We just have to keep on explaining that to people -- most of whom have been brainwashed into thinking She's just the opposite of what She really is.