Monday, October 27, 2008


Yesterday, brian charles and I chewed the fat about psychopimp leaders like Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Hitler and Stalin (see yesterday's post). You know -- silver-tongued dudes who get people to drink poison Koolaid, and then lie down quietly to die?

Since we've all been hatched in desert-god cultures teaching us to crave one Big, YAJ*-like, Daddy-human to follow, brian thinks none of us is immune to these psychopimps.

So, lovely kiddies: today's questions:

1. Even though leading us is supposedly "like herding cats," are we Pagans as immune to the Jim Joneses of the world as we think we are?

2. Do even we Goddess people harbor secret desires to toss our free will to some strong, striking leader who'll relieve us of the back-breaking burden of making 1,001 decisions every day?

A shockeroo: Jim Jones' Christian followers were not dodos -- they were doctors, lawyers, college profs and such (See THIS ARTICLE).

3. Is one-person leadership a smart habit to harbor? Should we teach our children instead to lead themselves by groups? Many cultures have lead themselves not by kings, presidents or chiefs, but by councils. Why do we insist that top-dog daddy-dudes run all our shows?

History's final two Goddess civilizations danced along swimmingly, thank you very much, without one-dude rulers. If Minoans or Harappans (Indus Valley Civilization) followed single leaders, there's very little evidence of it.

At the same time, their god-centered neighbors -- Egyptians, Hittites, Mesopotamians, and such -- were slobbering all over themselves to churn out tons of art celebrating their blood-soaked, war-wonky, one-man dictators.

All archaeologists agree: this is one of the most striking features of Minoans and Harappans. Although both cranked out tons of art, very little of it shows anything that could be construed as larger-than-life rulers.**
YAJ is the "god" YahwehAllahJehovah -- not really a god at all, actually, but a political-control mechanism. Although many think he's three different gods, YAJ is just one god with three schizoid personalities -- all of whom despise each another.
**Although Minoans and Harappans had written languages, they've yet to be translated. This is because their languages are like nothing the world knows today, much of the world having been conquered long ago by Daddy-god-worshipping Indo-Europeans, whose languages most of us in the West still
speak today.
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Stormphoenix said...

Just thinking outloud...but isn't this exactly how so many people are setting BO up to be? The "One" to fix everything, and be everything he promised to be to everyone in order to get elected?
I think alot of young people are going to wake up on the other side of the koolaid soon. Been there and did that.
I am VERY glad that the Republicans did not win, tho. It's just too bad that my old party has become nearly just as bad. I am disappointed that so many of my fellow Pagans ended up showing no more independence of thought than the Christians in their voting.
Everyone just wants to dominate, instead of work together.I guess we shall see soon enough....Happy New Year, indeed!

Athana said...

hi, stormphoenix,

Yes, I agree with you, people are setting Barack Obama up to be the Big Daddy who'll fix everything while we-the-people kick around in our cribs playing helpless babies.

Well, maybe I'm being a little hard on we-the-people, but you get my drift.

However, until we make some drastic changes in our political system, this is all we have. We have one-person rule, and that's that.

So as Pagans, I think Barack was our only choice. Ralph and the others were never going to make it (again, unless we change the system, 3rd party candidates are born to lose).

Also, Barack seems hell-bent on working together, getting all of us unified, no more red v. blue states, etc. And he seems less into domination than almost any other politician I've known.

I'm sure he won't be perfect, but you're right about him being universes better than the Republican choice -- who, for starters, chose a running mate into the death penalty for Pagans -- just for being Pagans. Or at least that's the policy the church she belongs to believes in.