Friday, October 17, 2008


Two new books on the frauds and follies of YAJ* the Great -- this time among the Mormons:

The first, DEVIL'S GATE: Brigham Young and the Great Mormon Handcart Tragedy, by David Roberts, tells about how in the mid 1800s, Mormon leader Brigham Young murdered many of his own followers, by talking them in to traveling West not in covered wagons, but by dragging everything they owned behind them -- in hand-pulled carts.

As a result of Daddy Briggy's desire to save a buck or two, hundreds died needlessly.

The second, MASSACRE AT MOUNTAIN MEADOWS: An American Tragedy, by Ronald W. Walker, Richard E. Turley Jr. and Glen M. Leonard, tells about how in 1857 a party of Mormons tricked a wagon train into thinking they (the Mormons) would save them from Paiute Indians.

Instead -- surprise, surprise -- the Mormons murdered all 120 pioneer adults, and then scampered off with the train's kiddies.

Why? No one knows. (To me, a perfectly plausible reason springs to mind: In the land of YAJ*, nutty-dom is pretty much par for the course.)

Go HERE for reviews of both books.
YAJ is YahwehAllahJehovah, who most think of as three separate gods. Nothing could be further from the truth. YAJ is merely one, albeit schizophrenic, deity-dude. Fifty percent of his time YAJ spends fighting amongst his three selves. The other 50% of his time he spends trying every ugly, underhanded and unctuous trick in the book to drag the world into his sticky spider-web nest.
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