Saturday, March 08, 2008


Two women - 101 and 91 years old - put us younger women to shame as they say why they voted for Hillary.

Woman number 2: I watched when Hillary "had to climb up the rough side of the mountain." I saw her respond with "courage, strength, dignity, discipline and patience. With determination she got to the top again, polished like gold...."

But how did I decide to vote for her? I "looked at what our needs are. America our country is down at the foot of the mountain. We need someone with experience, someone who's ready, willing and able to bring America back up again -- polished like gold."

Question of the day: Why is it mostly older women who have courage to support women? Male newscasters are kinder (somewhat) to Hillary than female newscasters -- who often seem to race to see who can slime Hillary with the ooziest of ooze.

To date, Harvard women lead the pack: Obama advisor Samantha Power, in a public forum, called Hillary a quote-unquote "monster."

C'mon, Sam! What's Hillary done to deserve that handle? Sounds to me, more than anything else, like a bit of self-loathing.

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