Sunday, March 30, 2008

3 KINDS OF Humans?

Today I stumbled across an interesting bit of tid I know you'll all wanna hear:

According to Plato, who got it from Aristophanes, once upon a time three kinds of humans hustled about the earth: males, females and androgynes.

Each bristled with multiple limbs: four legs and four arms for each of these fabulous critters.

But alas & alack, all three types of honeys got too sassy for the gods, so the gods split them all in two.

From the females, came lesbians.

From the males came gay men.

And from the androgynes blossomed heterosexual men and hetero women.

And the reason all of us make love? Out of a deep, primordial urge to recreate our original, eight-limbed ancestors.
From Leeming’s 2005 Oxford Companion to World Mythology, p. 18
Thnx to Alan Light for this foto of him and Ellen Degeneres. Go HERE to see more.


Morgaine said...

Interesting. It makes me wonder if there were a lot of siamese twins way back when - babies born with extra limbs and such.

Anne Johnson said...

I have heard this story from many bored goddesses who vouch for its verity.

whatsername said...

Huh, that's pretty interesting right there.

Athana said...

morgaine, if so it should show up in the fossil and archaeological record. Unless of course something drastic was done to the skeletons of such people.

whatsername, I find it interesting that lesbians and gay men each get a whole sex to themselves whereas heterosexuals have to share one.