Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Yesterday I announced that the Temple of the Goddess in Orange County CA was invited to appear in a TV series on religion. Not! The group that’s been invited is the Temple in Pasadena, not Orange Co. (how many Goddess temples are there in CA?!).

Click HERE to visit the Pasadena Temple. Do they look well organized or what? Anyhoo I’m going to drop down to yesterday’s post and pitch “Orange Co.” for “Pasadena.”

Meanwhile below is the latest email back-and-forth between Karen Tate and me on the TV deal:

ATHANA: Karen, makes all the sense in the world to check the situation out
> completely before committing to it. I'm keeping all my fingers crossed
> though that everything works out and you can get this to work for the
> Temple, the Goddess -- and the world. I hope the producers haven't been
> giving you any negative feedback because they don't understand Goddess
> spirituality?

KAREN: Nothing negative yet. We're just making sure of the ground rules - namely if there will be censorship.
> ATHANA: I was wondering: if you
> sign a deal with Charter Media will it be for a one-time appearance
> only, or for regular appearances on a regular basis?

KAREN: It would be on a monthly basis, playing 24/7, and we can change the video we submit as often during the month as we like.


BBC said...

So, other than that how are things going?

Paul said...


I hope you don't mind me linking to your site from here


Please let me know if you do.


Athana said...

paul you may link to my site anytime you want. It's an honor.

Athana said...

bbc, things are moving along. I'm having a few pesky and probably-not-serious medical issues though and am finishing up a book, so life is a bit fuller than usual at the moment.