Thursday, October 11, 2007


In my teeny-tiny small-town library nestles a handful of books-on-tape. Last week I checked out one of two left: Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America.

You’ve heard of Alexis – the French dude who shipped over in the 1830s to check us out here in Revolution Land?

About America Mr. de T. was all rosy smiles. Flatteringly, he fell madly in love with us. On the other hand he also said that, compared to Europeans, we are pinpointed on our own pleasure. Each American is like a little god, a dictator, he said.

He worried about the Tyranny of the Majority. In 1830s America, dudes who said Christianity was a buncha hooey got ridden outa town on rails. And in America, the Majority Opinion is the same as the European king or dictator.

But in de Tocqueville’s mind the only thing really, really wrong with America was this: we were doing genocide on one set of people, and treating another like they were cattle (buying, selling, trading them).

Hang your heads low, Americans -- really low.

On the other hand, what d’ya expect from a nation so Christian it squeaks? In what other book do you find more slavery and attempted genocide than in the Bible? The Bible is a guidebook from A to Z for how to stomp all over people you don’t like.

Americans, we need something new to form around. And what could be more dramatically new – not to mention perfect -- than the Guiding Mother Goddess?

Ever heard of a mother pushing genocide?
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Morgaine said...

Brava! Good post. I'm praying for one huge cosmic shift where a large part of the population suddenly says AHA! Nature's a Mother and we need to treat Her that way! Goddess is alive and magick is afoot!

It's going to take drastic change to get us where we need to go, but it doesn't have to be bad-drastic. ;-)

Athana said...

alright morgaine! I'm right behind ya, friend! What we have to say is so logical people have to grok it sooner or later. We just need to keep on saying it, I think.

Morgaine said...

Yep, in as many places as we can. People are so mesmerized by the lies of the patriarchy - sometimes all you have to do is show them the illogic of what they've been taking for granted, then give them a completely logical alternative.

BBC said...

The town I live in isn't large, or small. But about nine years ago we got a wonderful new library here. I taught a computer class there for two years.

One of the men I went on the retreat with is the recently retired director of the library system, very interesting man.