Monday, December 12, 2005


Now here’s a set of books I know you’ll want to rush out and buy: The Left Behind series! The first to clue me in about these books was my sister. She says they paint a very realistic picture of the Rapture – you know – the time when the Faithful get zapped up to heaven and the rest of us get “left behind”? From what I hear, these books are selling like ice in August. thinks maybe they explain some of the ugly behavior coming out of the White House lately:

The Left Behind series provides a narrative and a theological rationale for a whole host of perplexing conservative policies, from the White House's craven decision to cut off aid to the United Nations Family Planning Fund to America's surreally casual mobilization for an invasion of Baghdad -- a city that is, in the Left Behind books, Satan's headquarters.


The opening sequence of the first Left Behind book is gripping and cinematic. Rayford Steele, an unhappily married commercial pilot, is flying to London and contemplating an affair with a stewardess, when, handing the controls over to his co-pilot and walking into the cabin, he finds her hysterical. People throughout the plane have disappeared, their clothes left in neat piles on their seats.


Returning to America, Steele finds a world in chaos. All real Christians -- as opposed to mere churchgoers -- as well as children and fetuses out of wombs have vanished. Planes flown by believers have crashed, along with cars driven by the faithful…. Rayford, whose marital troubles were caused by his wife's newfound religious passion, knows what happened. His wife had told him that Christians would be raptured up to heaven in preparation for the rise of the Antichrist, his nefarious seven-year reign and the Second Coming of Jesus.” MORE >>>
What do you think? Is W really a Rapture Righty? Or is he just pretending, so he can reel in all those Rapture votes? Personally, I hope he’s pretending. The idea that a Rapture person is running the world is just too nerve-wracking.


Morgaine said...

I think he actually thinks God put him in office. Cheney and those guys are all about the money, but Shrub is a true believer of the type that only addicts and schizophrenics make. He is nuts, and so are a lot of the poor, uneducated people who have been manipulated into supporting his evil regime against their own interests. Hmmm - 7 years for the anti-Christ is just about what Bush would serve if they start impeachment proceedings next year....

Athana said...

"The Bushlet impeachment proceedings." What a nice ring that has. I wonder if the Christians have anything like impeachment proceedings for the Anti-Christ? Bush could do double duty.

Morgaine said...

You know that the recently deceased Pope thought Shrub was the anti-Christ, right?

Athana said...

Morgaine, no, I did not know that! Whew. Heavy.

Anonymous said...

My inaugural address at the Great White Throne Judgment of the Dead, after I have raptured out billions!