Thursday, December 08, 2005

Finding Lost Pieces

Jean Shinoda Bolen says that...

... “Women and Goddess became co-opted and lost in the politics of patriarchy; we forgot who we are, and we are now finding pieces, hidden in myths, dug up in archaeological sites, uncovered in the Gnostic Gospels. Old Testament meanings shift: ‘false gods’ become images of a divine feminine. The promised land? A land long settled by Goddess-worshiping, art-creating, peaceful people who had sacred groves…. Women are like amnesiacs who are recovering memory. With nuclear war and overpopulation on the horizon, it is urgent that women awake to the idea that we are the antidote and have the power to change the course patriarchy has set us on….” (from Jean Shinoda Bolen, 2005, Urgent Message from Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World, Conari Press, p. 146.)
So, can women save the world? Part of Bolen’s recipe for success involves women’s innate knowing-ness about working in circles – and therefore outside of hierarchy. Another part (as touched on in an earlier post) is our response to stress: “tend and befriend” versus men’s “fight or flight."

A third component – in my opinion even more powerful than the first two – is our ability, over the next 20 years, to replace high gods with female deity. Unlike the high gods, female deity will support both men and women in our struggle to save the world.

Go HERE to read the reviews of Urgent Message from Mother. So far, with seven reviews in, it has five-star status – the highest possible on

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