Monday, September 07, 2015


So schizoid is the god of Abraham (or “YAJ”* as I like to call him) that he talks to himself all day long – and he’s not very nice to himself, either:

Allah to Jehovah:You stink, you pile of dodo dung.”

Jehovah to Allah:No, you stink, you tub of toe jam.”    

Allah to Jehovah: I didn’t wipe you out during the Crusades, but I’m sending you a million A-lover refugees as we speak,** to swamp you out -- you piece of _rse-wipe.”

Jehovah to Allah:Oh yeah?  Why don’t your A-lovers in Qatar take in all your A-loving refugees, pile of duck doodoo?  Qatar’s the richest country on earth*** and they haven’t taken in one single A-lover refugee.”

Allah to Jehovah: Because A-lovers are too smart to take in extra mouths to feed, pile of ripe rhino droppings.” 

Jehovah to Allah: Your *&^*(*)_% A-lovers breed like flies!”****

Allah to Jehovah:   (looking smug): “That’s right, buffalo breath!  And by 2060, they’ll outswamp your J-lovers for sure!  Put that in your big, fat cow-pie pipe and smoke it for a day or two!”

And so on.


* "YAJ" is short for Yahweh/Allah/Jehovah, who, contrary to popular opinion is not three, but one and the same deity.

** In 2015, Germany alone expects to receive 800,000 refugees -- four times what it took in 2014.  Most will be Allah-lovers from Syria.  (From "Europe's Migrant Acceptance Rates," The Economist)

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