Saturday, January 10, 2015

shaking THE BABY*

The baby needs to understand something:

We are all born innocent as a clean towel fresh out of the dryer.  Arab, Asian, Caucasian, whatever – we are born innocent little stars meant to shine in the sky. 

Innocent, that is, until our heads get pumped full by the big boys and girls, looking like goddesses and gods when we stare up at them from our spot on the rug, with our big innocent baby eyes. 

Some of us get pumped full of poison, and then get names like “Christian,” “Muslim” or “Jew.” 

Now you can be Caucasian, African or Arab and be Jewish, or a white-as-snow Caucasian and still be Muslim.  After you get so old, it’s all up to you.  Has nothing to do with genes or skin color, or which part of the globe you were born in or your ancestors came from.

We are the baby of course.  And we all need to be shaken awake about this: 

The war-god** religions are a cancer on us all, and if we don't destroy them,  they will destroy us.  

TAGS: Je Suis Charlie, Charlie Hebdo, Paris mourns, the world mourns, terrorism, enough already!
* I know none of *my* readers would ever shake a real baby.
** The war god today is YAJ -- Yahweh/Allah/Jehovah, the god of Abraham.  Some dudes think YAJ is three separate gods, but he's not.  He's just one warrior deity.  

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