Sunday, December 21, 2014

Solsticing WITH SANTA

THIS YEAR I'm celebrating the Solstice with Santa.

Not the fake one with the beard and belly that shakes like jelly, I'm Solsticing with the real Santa: the Great Goddess Holda, of continental Europe.

It's not a hefty elf in a sleigh who's always brought children gifts in December at night while they sleep, it's Holda.  

Kids leave out cookies and milk for Her (or, in the past, whatever they had in the house that came close -- maybe a mug of lager and a slice of strudel if milk and cookies were nowhere near).

And Holda drinks and nibbles a bit, just to let them know she's been there.

Since Holda grows old with the year, in spring she's young and gloriously gorgeous, and in winter old and regal.

Babies and children she loves all year round.



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