Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Today, barreling down on us like a comet out of the stratosphere, came a shocker: A British scientist dude says he’s actually deciphered the mysterious ancient Minoan “Phaistos Disk.” 

Ever since it was discovered in 1908 in the Minoan “palace” of Phaistos, in south-central Crete, this ancient disk, dating from around 1700 BC, has been a total mystery. 

For over a century, no one has been able to decode its spiral writing, written in “Minoan A,” the script of the goddess-worshipping ancient Minoans.

Now, scientist Gareth Owens says he “was able to identify three key words” on the disk: 

            IQEKURJA, which [he says] may mean "pregnant mother" and/or "goddess."

            IQE, which may mean "mother" and/or "goddess" and which appears repeatedly on the disk.

            IQEPAJE or IQE-PHAE, which may mean "shining mother" or "goddess."

And the meaning of the entire disk?  Owens thinks it was a prayer to the Minoan Mother Goddess. 

How cool is that? 

Tonight I pulled an old metal replica of the Phaistos Disk out of my jewelry box.  Since I bought it ten years ago in a tiny tourist shop in southern Crete, it’s a bit tarnished.  But I’m going to shine it up, attach a chain, and wear it around my neck.

My own private prayer to the Goddess, lying over my heart always and forever. 

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