Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Calling All Mad Hackers with a Heart

GOOD NEWS!   6,642 world societies still remain un-skinned, un-sliced and un-diced by Jehovah and his stinky followers!  

Most are small and indigenous; some still worship goddesses. 

THE BAD NEWS: I learned the good news through “The Joshua Project”, a humongous online collection of “ethnologic data” scraped together “to support Christian missions” and “for sharing the Christian gospel all over the world…. “
In other words, stinkiness is about to crush hundreds of thousands of some of the Earth’s last happy people. 

Calling all hackers with a heart: how about scrambling up an internet site designed to slice and dice the last happy peoples left on Mother Earth?   Go HERE to scramble it.
Thnx to Viktor Fejes for the foto!  Go HERE to see more of his work.  


Idris said...

Thanks for that link, Athana. It is heartening that so many people have not yet been perverted by evangelicals. However, that is not to say that always what they have is healthy. It is, however, theirs and not the westernised, moralistic repressive crap that evangelicals push.

I would say in addition that perhaps the site is serving, inadvertently, a useful function in its ability to alert the rest of us to the intent and activities of missionaries, so perhaps it should be left unhacked.

It also telling that the site is named after the precursor of Radko Mladic, the genocidal Joshua. They do not hide their true intention.

Athana said...

All good points, Idris. Not sure I know who Radko Mladic's precursor was....

Idris said...

Apologies, Athana, should not be working so late and should proof read better. I meant, of course, predecessor...