Thursday, December 10, 2009


Since Mother Earth is suffocating under skanky loads of human flesh, doesn’t it follow that the world’s true heroes are our radically fab and super-cool childless men and women? Those who say, “No. I refuse to add to the refuse. I WILL not use my body to pound out more earth-polluting human flesh!"

In honor of these most awesome of the Earth’s awesome, I hereby dub today, December 10, “Childless Peoples’ Day.”

Thank you, fab Childless People, for working to wipe human-flesh pollution off the face of the Earth. You blow me away!

Of course parents are important too. Parents will pump out the people who’ll celebrate Childless People’s Day – kids who -- we all pray -- will become childless themselves one day.
Thnx to fbako for the foto; go HERE to see more of her work.


AnnaPerenna said...

Why thank you very much, and you are welcome!

You have pinpointed my misanthropic notion: I do refuse to add more unhappiness and more pollution to this cirque of misery but it's something I cannot say in front of my reproducing friends *sigh* I get these shocked looks.. why, because I am lucky to escape that trap they fallen mindlessly into? If at least they adopted, that would actually be a truly selfless act, helping out the troubled Earth and reducing at least a tinsy bit of the misery.. but no! They must put out random, egotripping clones of themselves to feel better.. grrr

Athana said...

AnnaPerenna, I dub you First Mother of the Let's Celebrate Childless People Society!

This is an idea that simply must catch on. Childless people are just as important as reproducers. If we're ever to have a prayer of a chance of keeping the earth's human population in balance, we must start honoring the people -- like you -- who refuse to add to a growing problem: an overgrowth of human "mold" that is sinking our Mother Earth.