Friday, July 10, 2009


Am microwaving chicken wings, brussels sprouts, squares of sweet red peppers and broccoli spears for dinner.

The aroma is wafting out to me on my sunporch and I’m salivating.

AND thinking about how the wonderful chemicals and substances and nutrients in these foods come directly from Mother Earth – really, they ARE Mother Earth, Her gift to us.

Amazingly, She gives of Her Body to sustain us and keep us alive and in good health.

Thank you Great Mother. I adore You more than words can tell.


Shane said...

It's generally considered proper to ask permission before you publish someone else's photo, rather than after.

Athana said...

Dear Shane,

I don't have time to wait for photographers to get back to me before I publish their photos on my weblog. I need illustrations immediately after posting a blog piece, and many photographers take weeks to respond – if they respond at all.

I spent much time 1. asking you for your permission to use your photo, 2. making a note to my blog readers about who produced the photo, 3. providing my readers a link to your other photographic work, giving you extra publicity for your photography, and 4. providing you with a link to the blog post in which your work was selected to appear.

But I will be very glad to delete your photo from my post. I can easily find, from the thousands of magnificent photos now available on Flickr, other photos that will work just as well as yours if not better.

I am, however, somewhat surprised at your reaction. Most unknown, undiscovered, beginning, amateur photographers are delighted to have the publicity that having a photo displayed on a blog like mine can give them. I am pointing my readers to your work. Some of them might tell the “right” people how much they like your art, people who would pay big bucks to use your work in their print publications, or to hire you as a staff photographer.

In essence, I’m giving you free advertising for your product and a piece of “gold” to add to your job resume.

But perhaps you don’t want anyone to see your photos. Perhaps you don’t want to publish or sell your photos. Maybe you don’t want to be able to tell prospective buyers of your work – or prospective employers -- that your photo was selected out of thousands of extremely good photos for inclusion in a long-standing weblog.

So I will be happy to remove your photo. I will also be careful in the future to avoid using any of your other work.