Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ever since Mr. Obama took his oath of office today and scooted Mr.'s Bush and Cheney out of the Oval Office, I have not been able to get this tune outa my head:

"Hey, hey, the wolf is dead, the big bad wolf is dead, dead, dead...."

And what an acceptance speech Mr. O gave!

Smart is back in town, children, and the dudes with their brains on hold have been sent packing at last.
thnx to Byrd on a wire for the foto; go HERE to see more of his work.


River Eden Doula said...

Hi Athana, I remember you posted a while back about how in Goddess societies men's nurturing ability was highly valued. I found a nice example on a breastfeeding blog.

"The evidence suggests there is a biology of fatherhood," says Barry Hewlett, an American anthropologist who has studied Aka hunter-gatherers in Central Africa for three decades and considers them hugely attentive fathers. Aka men spend almost half their time either holding their babies or being within reach of them. "They let their offspring suck their nipples for comfort," Hewlett says.

Athana said...

Great example, River! I do suspect that in what I call Guiding Goddess societies (Goddess is the origin of all and a model for behavior) that nurturance in men was highly valued. It's only a theory, though, since most such societies have either been destroyed or else operate in secrecy (or semi-secrecy).

This man Hewlett thinks there's a "biology" of fatherhood. I'd strongly disagree. I think nurturance in men and women both is learned from women who've gone through childbirth, during which they all receive the falling-in-love hormone oxytocin. New evidence shows that oxytocin has as strong an effect on humans as street drugs such as heroine and cocaine.

I'd love to have a link to this blog post.