Friday, November 09, 2007


Two more media breakthroughs for the Goddess!

First, this just in from Dana Alder at the RCGI*: “The Washington Post is now featuring online columns by Starhawk, in their On Faith section.... I have such strange feelings about this ... sort of a Yay! mixed with a Whaaaa?”

Go HERE to read Starhawk’s latest (first?) column, “Torture Is Never Justified.”

A snippet from it:

One reason many of us choose to call ourselves Witches is to consciously identify with the women and men who were tortured and burned by the inquisition throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries during the Witch persecutions. Our traditions remind us of how people were taken, on the word or whisper of a neighbor, an enemy, a rival for land or lover, and tortured until they confessed to anything the Inquisitors suggested….”

Second, Karen Tate has a fab new radio program just beginning on Internet Radio. In the first segment, aired a few days ago, Karen interviewed Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary.

The two have a fascinating chat about the “Veteran Pentacle Quest,” Selena’s ten-year fight to get the U.S. military to accept the pentacle on the graves of wiccan military personnel.

So great to hear the voices of these two women who’ve done so much to bring Goddess spirituality to the general public. You can sense their deep beauty, love and spiritual power.

Go HERE to listen to this historic half-hour program.

Go HERE to see pictures of upcoming guests – they include Riane Eisler (Feb. 20), Max Dashu, Lydia Ruyle, Rev. Angie Buchanan, Secretary for the Board of Directors for the Parliament of the World’s Religion, Rev. Ava, Director and Founder of the Goddess Temple of Orange County, and many other exciting guests!
*Reformed Congregation of the Goddess International


Kensho said...

Will check out the radio show. Thanks for the tip!

Morgaine said...

Thanks for the heads up! That's progress!

Livia said...

Starhawk's been posting on the WaPo for a while now. But I didn't know about the Tate show, neato.