Saturday, December 03, 2005


From a review of the book Born Again Bodies by Princeton University Religion Professor R. Marie Griffith:

A sampler of the titles produced by [the Christian diet industry] tells the tale. In alphabetical order:

"Devotions for Dieters
God's Answer to Fat: Loøse It!
Help Lord—The Devil Wants Me Fat!
I Prayed Myself Slim
More of Jesus, Less of Me
Pray Your Weight Away
Slim for Him”


“…Griffith isolates at least two problems…. The first is the redefinition of the sins of the mouth. Where once the emphasis was on gluttony (enslavement of the appetites) or disordered desires (longing for a good less than God), now it was on fat. Just that, fat. And so it was that Gwen Shamblin, CEO and founder of Weigh Down workshop, could say, "Grace … does not go down into the pigpen."

“… [T]he second … problem is the diet industry's race and class pretensions, intended or not. [Griffith] shows that the presumed audience was white, sustained by a ‘racialized ideal of whiteness, purged of the excesses associated with nonwhite cultures.’ It also was middle- or upper-middle-class, sustained by the affluence and leisure that made costly diet foods and gear (and for women, cosmetic enhancements) affordable.

Read the whole review HERE.

Hmmmm. Could white Christian fundamentalists really be racist and classist too, all in the same smelly breath? And now we have to throw in another sin – body elitism? Wooooo-eee! Those kids need to get down on their knees and grovel – the Rapture, after all, is lurking right around the corner, salivating over thoughts of sinking its razor-sharp teeth into their sinful flesh.

Or, the rest of us could offer them a hand up outa the existential horror they’ve dug themselves into. Not that it’ll work 99 times out of 100. But there’s always that 100th Fundie you might snag outa the net.
Blond, blue-eyed and slim, fitness celebrity Denise Austin (above) seems to be the model for "our beautiful White women" in the eyes of this white supremacist organization.


Anne Johnson said...

Oh gosh, I'm devastated! With my husband's job on the chopping block, I was looking forward to abundant free nourishment by hopping from church supper to church supper (and doughnuts on Sundays)!

What will we eat?

Morgaine said...

Paul Campos book, The Obesity Myth, discusses body elitism as the paranoia of rich white people which is being projected on to other ethnicities that just aren't going to be tiny little Europeans no matter how little they eat. Maybe this is where the "Right" will lose them.

Of course, elitism has always been at the core of the evangelical movement. They think they're so much better than the rest of us that they get to tell us how to act. The irony, of course, is that most of them are perverts and money grubbers - the kind of people Jesus would have despised.

Athana said...

Are there any good studies showing that Christians, Muslims and Jews are more likely than atheists to be "perverts"? And isn't it too bad that we have to compare god people to atheists -- instead of having a nice, large, open group of Goddess worshippers to compare them to?

Morgaine said...

There's a study in an article called "Body Pleasure and the origins of Violence" that establishes the connection between violence and sexual repression.

Also, bartcop used to have a process where you could look at what was on people's computers, which he says always shows that the sickest porn is on republican computers, but I can't find that page on his site.

I'm doing some research on this, so if I find anything, I'll come back and post it here.